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newprometheans's Journal

The New Prometheans
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WE are devoted to counteracting compartmentalization and marginalization in the arts.
The New Prometheans are both a group, blog, and printed publication that challenges both popular assumptions and academic definitions that compartmentalize art and the arts. We believe everything and anything can be art: from poems, fiction, thoughts, rants, comics, and performance to structural programs (and diagrams) from the engineering people, math problems, Chem equations, pictures, computer programs and graphics, everything. Art is a shared experience– we are devoted to connecting art to the rest of the world so that it regains a sense of immediacy and interconnectedness with the world around us. We believe art is communal so everything that comprises this community will be represented and given voice as an aspect of ART. That means EVERYONE from EVERY FIELD on campus is invited! We're also going to make our publications totally anonymous to give people the freedom to speak without reservation about everything in every possible mode of expression (that can be printed.) If you are a Miami student/grad student/faculty/staff, we'll be placing boxes around campus for anonymous and open submission from everyone. If you are not affiliated with Miami University then send us an email (with your submission) or post it on this blog. Send us ANYTHING you'd like to see in print that speaks YOUR VOICE. You want to share a great recipe? Send it. You want show everyone the great lab experiment from you Chem class that you did or maybe just bitch about politics or the buses on campus? Send it. You want to tell Bobby Joe that you appreciate him, send that too. Poems and fiction, of course, will be present, but this isn't a magazine that is going to be run on labels or strict definitions - DOWN WITH THE COMPARMENTALIZING OF ART!!!!!

So, GET INVOLVED by connecting all of the departments here at this university!